A Generic Portfolio Page

Here comes some description about this project. It could contain Links and a lot of more text for sure. For now we have to live with some nice pictures I took on holidays.

Let's Start With a Nice Slider Gallery · Owl Slider Test

Interesting Facts About This Project

Let's add some fancy quote right here. I don't want to quote somebody right now, though. – Erik Scholz, 2019

Do we have numbered lists, too?

  1. Should be able to handle numbered Lists
  2. Small entries like above
  3. And also entries with a link
  4. And let's see how really big text will look. Because if this breaks into more lines it needs to look good, too. So let's write some more generic text even if it doesn't make any sense at all.

Let's see how an image grid with lightbox looks

I used intentionally an uneven number of images. Right now they have a fixed with. But they should adapt to the responsive grid. I hope Djorjde can do that.

Sample Image Sample Image Sample Image Sample Image Sample Image

Info for Djordje: here come the tags section. We show the tags assigned to this article.

Info for Djordje: here comes the pagination. We link to the next article within the same category. In this case the category is portfolio.

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Info for Djordje: we show 4 articles that are related by tags within the same category (in this case its portfolio)