Privacy Policy

  • No personal information is collected on this website.
  • No data will be passed to third parties.
  • I won't bother with data-hungry social plugins.
  • FTW: no annoying GDPR popups or overlays. \O/
  • Bad for me: I have no idea who stumbles onto my page. :(
  • I may offer links to platforms such as Facebook or a newsletter service in future. In these cases I will give information at this very position.

In future

  • There are tools for web-analysis who don't require any cookie approval. These are Simple Analytics, Fathom Analytics or [Matomo]. I might use one of those in future.
  • I might use sharing links for Facebook in future.
  • Maybe I provide a sign-up form for a newsletter some day.
  • My promise: in any case I will give transparent information about any use of data.