Family owned company Thomann is one of Germany's hidden champions as an e-commerce pioneer. It was founded 1954 and a from 1996 accessible online. The retailer supplies millions of customers worldwide. These include musicians, producers, technicians, concert organizers, Youtubers and DJs.

My Role

I could support Thomann from 2013 – 2019 in the areas of product design, UX strategy, innovation, conception, design management, service design and agile transformation. I implemented thousands of iterative improvements to the online store. I worked as a freelancer, remote and later in a permanent position. The responsibilities were all areas of UX, design and product development. There was a close collaboration with many departments, subsidiaries and external suppliers for software development, customer service, IT, marketing, SEO, content, logistics and law.

Problems I Solved

  • Brought a static desktop website into a responsive application.
  • Product development of a shopping app with more than 2 million downloads for iOS and Android, with a 4.9 stars customer review score.
  • Numerous improvements to the mobile presence.
  • Improvement of the international customer experience. This includes the establishment of international proofreading, multilingual concepts, culturally localized adjustments for 13 languages and 100+ countries.
  • Building and coaching a UX team.
  • Monetization for free services like the classifieds ads.
  • Establishment of user research and the transfer of knowledge into product development.
  • Service design in the area of return processes in collaboration with the department for returns management.
  • Service design for an optimized CX and internal logistics of gift vouchers.