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3d Modelling and Animation in WebApps, Industry, Games and Movies

3D Graphics in Modern Web Apps

Three-dimensional (3D) computer graphics have become increasingly popular over the years, not only in the film and video game industries but also in web applications. With advancements in technology and software, it is now possible to incorporate 3D graphics into web apps to create a more immersive and engaging user experience.

The use of 3D graphics in web apps is not new, but it has traditionally been limited to plugins such as Adobe Flash or Unity Web Player. However, with the rise of web standards such as WebGL, Three.js, and A-Frame, developers can now create 3D graphics that can run natively in web browsers without the need for plugins.

Vintage 3D Technologie in Movies

Ed Catmull created the first 3d movie in the year of 1972. As a little boy he dreamt of becoming an animator, inspired by Disney. Instead he studied physics and computer science. Leading the world towards 3d games, Web GL and all those other awesome 3d things we have around us nowadays.

Erik's Professional Experience with 3D in Different Areas

  1. Worked on a 3d configurator called Case Factory that's based on Three.js and WebGL.
  2. Designed different events and stage setups for BMW and Tupperware
  3. Rendered a technical 3d visualization for Siemens with Maya
  4. Recreated a cruise ship model that was used on a Disney Owned Simulator
  5. Wrote an Tutorial for the Rhino3d Software for a Creative Live Magazine
  6. Created different models for reselling on 3d marketplaces
  7. Created 3d animations for product designers


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