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A small and handpicked UX handicraft portfolio selection delivered to your screen for no extra charge. Swipe, tap and enjoy.

person with a sunflower

Sitemapping a Hidden Interior Champion

Elderly lady with a friendly smile

Empowering a 50+ Audience Through Personal Development

Design Thinking Workshop

Facilitating a Design Thinking Workshop

Rock concert with dude holding a pink mobile phone while jumping

Mobile Experience for Millions of Happy Users

Responsive E-Commerce Header Tabs While Eliminating Risks

Responsive E-Commerce Header Tabs While Eliminating Risks

Wooden letters: refine, pause, observe, consider, repeat

Iterative Product Development From Concept to Release

Two hands are holding a petri dish in the laboratory

How to Improve Digital Products With an Informational Poster

Photography of a snowflake

Each McCafé Customer Receives a Generative Snowflake

Adidas Locker Room with an open book

Adidas Campaign App With a Game Mechanics Challenge

Women in laboratory

Huuuuge Sitemap for Roche