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Algorithmic Piano by Experimental Artist Sutekh

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Seth Horvitz, professionally known as Sutekh, is an experimental music artist who has gained attention in the music scene for his unconventional live performances. According to Horvitz himself, his live performances are intended to challenge traditional music notions and encourage people to consider the nature of music.

Sutekh's music is created using simple, computer-aided compositional processes, which result in complex and captivating sounds. This unique approach to music-making has earned him a devoted following among fans of experimental music.

While Sutekh's music may not be for everyone, it has been praised for its creativity and innovation. In addition to his solo work, Sutekh has collaborated with other musicians and artists, further expanding his musical horizons.

If you are interested in exploring new sounds and expanding your musical horizons, Sutekh's work is definitely worth checking out. You may just find yourself discovering a whole new world of music that challenges your preconceptions and expands your understanding of what music can be.


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