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Atari 2600 Effect Pedal Instrument Made for Chipmusic

Ctrix Playing a Selfmade Instrument

This guy mashed up a classic Atari game console with some Boss effect pedals to create a chiptune live instrument. There is also a Competition Pro joystick and Japan obviously loved the performance at blip festival. Please have a look at his "blog" – hilarious.

Some Info's about Ctrix, Atari and Chipmusic

Atari, the legendary video game company, played a significant role in the development of chiptune music, a genre that uses the sound chips found in early video game consoles and computers to create music. While chiptune music may seem like a niche genre, it has a dedicated following and has inspired countless musicians around the world.

One of the pioneers of chiptune music was the Swedish musician Ctrix. Born Anders Carlsson, Ctrix began creating music using an Atari ST computer and a program called "Soundtracker." The program allowed him to use the computer's sound chip to create music, using a technique known as "tracker music." Tracker music involves manually inputting notes and samples into a grid, similar to sheet music, to create a song.

Ctrix's music quickly gained popularity, and he went on to release several albums of original chiptune music. His music combined the nostalgic sounds of classic video games with modern electronic music styles, creating a unique and innovative sound. Today, Ctrix is considered a pioneer of the chiptune genre and has inspired countless musicians around the world.

The use of chip music continued to grow in popularity throughout the 1980s and 1990s, as more and more musicians began to experiment with using the sound chips found in classic video game consoles and computers. The sound chips used in early video game consoles, such as the Atari 2600 and Nintendo Entertainment System, had a limited range of sounds but were capable of producing unique and memorable tones.

Today, chiptune music remains a popular genre, and there are countless musicians around the world creating innovative and exciting music using the techniques and sounds of chip music. Many musicians continue to use classic hardware, such as the Game Boy and Commodore 64, to create their music, while others have embraced modern software tools to create new sounds and styles.

In conclusion, the history of chiptune music is closely tied to the development of video games and computer technology. Artists like Ctrix helped pioneer the use of early computer hardware to create innovative and exciting music, and their influence can still be heard in the chiptune music being created today. Chiptune music is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of musicians around the world, and its unique sound and style will continue to inspire new generations of artists for years to come.


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