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Code Should be Considered a Poetic Art Form

Code can speak literature, logic, maths. It contains different layers of abstraction and it links them to the physical world of processors and memory chips. All these resources can contribute in expanding the boundaries of contemporary poetry by using code as a new language. Code to speak about life or death, love or hate. Code meant to be read, not run. –

Code is often thought of as a purely functional tool, used to create programs and applications that help automate tasks or accomplish complex objectives. However, the fact is that code can also be considered a poetic art form. The unique combination of creativity, logic, and language that goes into writing code can produce results that are elegant, expressive, and even beautiful. In this article, we explore some examples of code as a poetic art form.

The Demoscene

The demoscene is a subculture that focuses on the creation of computer-based demos, or visual representations of what is possible with code. Demos are often created by small teams of coders and designers who collaborate to create intricate and visually stunning works of art. The demoscene is a perfect example of how code can be used to create something that is not just functional, but also beautiful and expressive.


Processing is an open-source software platform that allows coders to create interactive art, animations, and other visual projects. It was created by Casey Reas and Ben Fry in 2001 and has since been used by artists and designers to create a wide range of creative works. Processing is designed to be easy to use, allowing coders to focus on the creative aspects of their projects rather than the technical details of coding.

The Code Art Manifesto

The Code Art Manifesto is a document created by Golan Levin in 2002. It argues that code is a creative medium that should be valued for its artistic potential, rather than simply its functional capabilities. The manifesto calls on coders to embrace the idea of code as art and to create works that are expressive, exploratory, and open to interpretation.

The Beauty of Code

The Beauty of Code is a website that showcases beautiful, elegant, and expressive code snippets. The website features code from a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and Java. The code snippets on The Beauty of Code demonstrate how code can be both functional and beautiful, with intricate patterns, mathematical functions, and other features that make them works of art.

In conclusion, code can and should be considered a poetic art form. The examples outlined in this article demonstrate that code can be used to create works that are not just functional but also expressive, beautiful, and open to interpretation. As coders continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with code, we are likely to see more examples of how code can be used to create art that is truly inspiring.


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