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YouTube History Lesson About the Very First Uploaded Video

Back in April 2005, a guy called Jawed Karim uploaded a video called "Me at the zoo" to YouTube. It was just 19 seconds long and featured Jawed talking about elephants at the San Diego Zoo. Although the video itself was simple, it marked the beginning of something huge.

That's because "Me at the zoo" is widely regarded as the first video ever uploaded to YouTube. It's a really important piece of internet history and represents the start of a platform that's become a big part of our daily lives.

At its core, YouTube is all about sharing videos online, and "Me at the zoo" was an early example of the type of content that's become synonymous with the platform. It's short, casual, and often funny - giving us a glimpse into someone's life.

But why did Jawed choose to film himself at the zoo? Well, elephants are a big deal at the San Diego Zoo, which was one of the first places in the US to have an elephant exhibit. By highlighting the importance of zoos in protecting endangered species and educating the public about wildlife, Jawed was making an important statement.

Fast forward to today, and "Me at the zoo" has been watched millions of times. It's spawned countless parodies and remixes, and has even been studied by academics as an example of the power of online video.

In 2013, YouTube celebrated the 8th anniversary of the video by featuring it on its homepage for a day, and Jawed himself has become a bit of a tech celebrity.

All in all, "Me at the zoo" might seem like a small and unremarkable video, but its impact on the internet and popular culture has been massive. It's the start of a new era in media, and a new way of connecting with people and sharing our experiences with the world.


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