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Thank you TBWA

So much happened in the last 5 years here. Most of the gossip needs to be kept within the small and secret lodge of disruption evangelists of TBWA Berlin. But there's a few bright and vivid truths, that one must not simply kept hidden from the outside world. For the rest, there's only one rule: what happened at TBWA stays at TBWA.

  • @Stefan Schmidt (with a really serious face expression): Never use coffee from the espresso machine. Use the coffee pump pot instead.
  • @Kurt-Georg Dieckert (grossed out): But does it look beautiful? Does it?
  • @Dirk Henkelmann (actually I said it to him): It's nice. But there might be more.
  • @Philip Borchardt (with a happy smile): Can we mount a display on an archie, add a hair cross and let people sniper aliens?
  • @Thomas Fuchs (facepalming): How come this dude want's a 1000 bucks travel expense when clearly signed on 500 just seconds ago?
  • @Michael Zorn (after I pointed at the UX Architect on his organization chart): I knew you'd select this job.
  • @Thomas Günther (after I said A-DOPPEL-G-R-O-BERLIN): A-DOPPEL-G-R-O-BERLIN.
  • @Ben Stürkat (chatting about the Berlin housing market): Back then we didn't pay rent in east Berlin. We just moved in.
  • @Lucio Regner (about something I totally forgot): I don't know what it is. But it is wrong.
  • @Nils Hartmann (looking at our Mad Men style office bar): I added some honey beer. It tastes really bad.
  • @Hubertus von Lobenstein (While smoking on the balkony): Erik. You should take your best friend, go on your yacht and travel all the golf courses on the irish coast. Best!
  • @Some guy from the design-team about a female intern (secretly to me while in elevator): This girl is definitely profiting from the cheerleader effect.
  • @Ulrich Proeschel (looking a bit bored): Back then we rode in white carriages with white horses through New York and drank champaign!
  • @Martina Kersten (after I did something allegedly ingenious): That's ingenious!
  • @Oke Müller (even though having a tough allergy): I just love dogs.
  • @Susan Aiello (on my expectant glances): There is no package from Amazon.
  • @Stephi Chroma Kühn (kindly nodding): Sure, take a gummi bear.

Sorry for those who are not on this list. Either your story is too hard to be unveiled or just not bright and vivid enough (or I just don't remember). Anyhow, it was a great time. For me it's time to move on. Move to Düsseldorf to be more precise. To a new role, and a new challenge. Still I won't miss you, because I'll be in Berlin very often!

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