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Problem solver, UX whisperer, tool enthusiast, brand addict, tech nerd, wireframe scribbler, and always intrigued to learn something new.


Fields of Expertise

  • As a UX conceptual professional, I specialize in creating user-centered experiences by leveraging my expertise in a variety of fields. These include conversational design, SaaS, product management, evolutionary design, and iterative product development. Additionally, I am well-versed in e-commerce, problem analysis, and user research, form design and crafting effective UX copy.
    My skills extend to product strategy and ideation, multilingual applications and apps for Android and iOS. I am also experienced in creating responsive and mobile websites, as well as incorporating microinteractions and typography into my conceptual designs. By combining this knowledge, I help businesses create engaging, user-friendly products that deliver value to their customers. More About Erik Scholz


  • UX Concepts
  • Growth Optimization
  • Evolutionary Strategy
  • Product Design


  • Figma
  • Notion
  • Miro
  • VWO


  • Thomann
  • Volkswagen
  • McCafé
  • Adidas
  • Roche
  • Siemens
He is super fast, precise, creative, understanding and a great sparring partner.
bernadette höller photo

Bernadette Höller

Managing Director

It's always a pleasure to work with Erik. His work is fantastic and his feedback is priceless.
sven schoderböck photo

Sven Schoderböck

Business Angel

Erik’s visionary UX approach took us to the next level in many occasions.
julia manger photo

Julia Manger

Product Owner

As an awesome unicorn, Erik consistently impresses with innovative ideas and problem-solving skills.
dalle van gepete photo

Dalle van Gepete

ChatGPT Entity


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