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Erik Scholz

person with a sunflower

Sitemapping a Hidden Interior Champion

Elderly lady with a friendly smile

Empowering a 50+ Audience Through Personal Development

Design Thinking Workshop

Facilitating a Design Thinking Workshop

Rock concert with dude holding a pink mobile phone while jumping

Mobile Experience for Millions of Happy Users

Responsive E-Commerce Header Tabs While Eliminating Risks

Responsive E-Commerce Header Tabs While Eliminating Risks

Wooden letters: refine, pause, observe, consider, repeat

Iterative Product Development From Concept to Release

Two hands are holding a petri dish in the laboratory

How to Improve Digital Products With an Informational Poster

Photography of a snowflake

Each McCafé Customer Receives a Generative Snowflake

Adidas Locker Room with an open book

Adidas Campaign App With a Game Mechanics Challenge

Women in laboratory

Huuuuge Sitemap for Roche

Electronic Artists Like Aphex Twin Use Programming and Patterns

How a Website's Fold Impacts Conversions, UX, and SEO

Designing UX Patterns to Improve Digital Experiences

Code Should be Considered a Poetic Art Form

Designers, Artists and Technicians Who Inspired me

Choral Atmosphere Through Parallelity

Mechanical Turk Automation with the Descriptive Camera

Spice Up Your Lame Zoom Chat with ASCII Emojis

Heavy Gaming in the GDR on Polyplay

Thank you TBWA

3d Modelling and Animation in WebApps, Industry, Games and Movies

Algorithmic Piano by Experimental Artist Sutekh

Atari 2600 Effect Pedal Instrument Made for Chipmusic

Ideas For Your Next Workshop Inspired by Scrum and Andy Warhol

When a 15 Year Old Can Play Everything

Nintendo's Ex-CEO Satoru Iwata was an Exceptional Humble Dude

YouTube History Lesson About the Very First Uploaded Video